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When is the right time to ask about hospice?

No one wants to think about losing someone they love. Many families delay discussions about end-of-life care. Now is the best time to learn about hospice and ask questions about what to expect from hospice service. If you are asking yourself when to call hospice, there is a good chance your loved one may already be eligible to receive a specialized care and support which can greatly reduce stress when the time for hospice is needed.

Our mission is to provide quality comfort care at the end of life’s journey.

Golden Care Hospice provides care that optimizes comfort and dignity, with patient and family needs and goals as our number one priority.

“We cannot change the outcome, but we can affect the journey.”

– Ann Richardson –

Hospice is a fully covered Medicare benefit. Coverage includes nurses, other caregivers, medicines, supplies and equipment, with no out-of-pocket expenses for the hospice diagnosis.

Considering Hospice for a loved one?

Talking about Hospice services for a loved one can be difficult. Let one of our caring professionals help guide you through the process